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Chainsaw Warrior is the classic 1987 boardgame released by Games Workshop and adapted into a digital version by Auroch Digital in 2013. It tells the story of one man's impossible mission to save New York from a spatial rift before the city is destroyed for ever.

About Chainsaw WarriorEdit

The game sees players trying to save New York from dire peril as twisted forces spewing from a spatial rift attempt to rip the city from this reality into theirs. The fate of the city rests solely in the hands of a lone cybernetic solider known as the ‘Chainsaw Warrior’. As the eponymous hero, the player must battle through a zombie infested Manhattan tenement in order to locate the controlling intelligence behind the dark army swarming from the spatial rift. The game was renowned as a tough challenge.  The game was originally a boardgame designed by Stephen Hand and published by Games Workshop in 1987 which was converted into a digital version for PC, iOS and Android in 2013 by Auroch Digital .

Chainsaw Warrior Game StorylineEdit

Set in 2032, the game sees the city of New York in dire peril as a rare and strange phenomena called 'spatial warping' has opened a gateway to another world. Through this gateway has come an army of strange creatures intent on dragging the city back though into their nightmare realm.

Chainsaw Warrior Game ComponentsEdit

The game has the following components:

  • Game Board - Where the player-profile for Chainsaw Warrior is stored as well as the time-track for the game.
  • House Cards - The main encounter cards from the game.
  • Zombie Deck - A deck of zombie cards for random encounters during the game.
  • Weapon & Equipment Cards - The weapons and equipment Chainsaw Warrior carries on his mission.
  • Dice and Counters - Dice to determine encounter and combat outcomes and counters to display stats.

Latest activityEdit

  • Cover art for the digital version of Chainsaw Warrior
  • Box art for the 1987 boardgame version.
  • Screenshot of the digital version.

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Cropped image of the box art for the digital 2013 version of Chainsaw Warrior.

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