Chainsaw Warrior Edit

Roll Name Description Notes
1 Marksman This means you a great shot so adds 1 to your Marksman rating (to a max of +3). Average skill.
2 Endurance You are strong and have good stamina. An extra die will be added to your Endurance score (to a max of 30). Basically least useful skill, won't save you for long.
3 Agility You are fit and dextrous. Adds 1 to your Reflexes (to a max of 12). Good to have without anti-trap equipment.
4 Strength You are powerful in HtH combat and so have 1 added to this score (to a max of 13). Most of game is HtH, so it's always nice to have.
5 Climbing The Chasm card can be ignored. You may climb out of the Spiked Pit Trap in no time at all. You may treat any Elevator card as a Clear card as you simply climb up the shaft instead of going in the cab. One of best skills if you don't have Rope Launcher, and also can speed you up.
6 Hiding You are expert at hiding in the shadows and blending into the background when danger threatens. Whenever you encounter an Enemy you may try to hide from it and on a roll of 6, succeed. Good skill, but low chance(16.7%).

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night Edit

  • Combat Agility: +2 Reflex when changing position in combat, +1 to escape rolls.
  • Lore: Somehow you're an expert on Aztec Lore: See witch blessing and guardian are in a temple before entering.
  • Navigation: You have an excellent sense of direction. Reduce the number of cards in each deck by 5.
  • Rapid Fire: A chance when you miss with a ranged weapon to take a free second shot (Costs no ammo and adds no time to the clock) at -2 Marksmanship.
  • Resistance: A chance to ignore any venom, radiation or poison.
  • Stealth: Each time you face an enemy you have a chance to avoid detection. Allows you to bypass normal enemies and negates ambush on Guardians.

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